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VOTECOM Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Clock Upgraded Wireless Spy Camera Full HD 1080P Motion Detection Activated Alarm App Real-time Video Remotely Monitoring for Home Security Nanny Cam

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Hidden camera spy clock
A mini lens is hidden in the regular clock, so that it is discreet and covert, and nobody will suspect it as a hidden camera. It can shoot videos in 1080P, clearly telling you what is going on within its field of view. Simply set the clock time with only 2 buttons. The setting takes seconds.

View real-time video in VOTECOM App
View real-time video in the App remotely no matter where you are. Simply slide bars to adjust its contrast and brightness depending on your preferences. Its resolution is also adjustable and up to 1080P. Adjust it to a lower level to adapt your Wi-Fi quality to watch smooth images. While viewing real-time video, tap corresponding icons to snapshoot and record video onto your smartphone for future review.

Push notification triggered by motion detected
The camera will push notification and snapshoot through VOTECOM App once a motion is detected, calling your attention to make informed decisions. Customize motion detection alarm in "Alarm Settings" page. Easily select a sensitivity level from 7 levels, and create a schedule and alarm interval to receive notification alerts to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

Micro SD card loop recording
Besides real-time remotely monitoring, it can also record video onto micro SD card. It supports loop recording and extension up to 64GB. After inserting a micro SD card into its slot, once powers on, it will start recording video (.AVI) onto micro SD card. Simply create a schedule, select a resolution, and set a file length in the simple App page to optimize settings.

Customer Reviews

Mother of 4 that needs more eyes

 on August 26, 2017
By Colleen McCabe Gaffney
I always could use another set of eyes in my house. I have 4 little kids and can’t possibly watch them all at once. I’ve set up the “alarm clock” in their playroom so I can easily check in on them without going upstairs. It works great and I’m a happy customer!

Caught red handed

 on August 26, 2017
By Vvett Crowder
Although it looks very much like a normal alarm clock. It’s not. I got this camera for my bedroom. I have a room they stay coming in my room when I’m not home as well as my kids using my perfume and getting into my jewelry but, they always return it before I get home not knowing I know how I leave my things in my room. Smile cause I caught my roommate spraying my perfume and wearing my jewelry. Busted.

Very nice hidden camera

 on August 25, 2017
By Ces
I like this clock with an unrecognizable camera on it, i used to monitor my home if i’m not around. Just conect it to a home wi-fi and i can check my home thru my phone anytime with the use of this clock with hidden cam.

Five Stars

 on August 23, 2017
By VCaudy
great images just cant figure out the alarm clock

This is a great hidden camera

 on August 18, 2017
By Sharron Bytheway
This is a great hidden camera. My son has issues sleeping and lot of nightmares but when his friends come over he is embarrassed about a baby monitor in his room. I purchased this so it can be discrete and useful at the same time.

Make for a great second baby monitor!

 on August 17, 2017
By Lauren W
I have a ten month old daughter. As a first time parent, I’m super careful (and I admit, a bit paranoid). We only let people we know and trust watch her, but then again, you never know what might happen. I appreciate the reassurance this camera offers. I love that this clock looks and functions like a real clock, and it’s super small, so it takes up very little space on her dresser. It works as a great second baby monitor too! I put the app on my iPad, and I leave it up beside me as I do dishes, cook, etc. while she is playing in her room. Between my ability to hear her from just a couple rooms away, her regular video baby monitor, and this clock camera, I’m able to have the peace of mind that she’s ok… as much reassurance as a new mom can have, anyway. 🙂

Extra Security

 on August 16, 2017
By Brandi
We purchased this hidden camera clock to put in our room for extra security. The set up was easy and is serving the purpose for what we need it for. Picture is good and you can go back and watch the video would need it .

This looks exactly like an alarm clock so no one would suspect anything

 on August 16, 2017
When we travel, we have a pet sitter come into our home to care for our pets and I wanted a discreet way to check up on the house while they were there. This looks exactly like an alarm clock so no one would suspect anything. The 1080p clarity is really nice. I love the motion detector and being able to use the app on my phone so I can see it in real time.

The picture is really clear and the setup is super easy. You can use it with or without …

 on August 15, 2017
By CrimeSeenTech
The picture is really clear and the setup is super easy. You can use it with or without a cord and use an SD card. The sound doesn’t sound quite as clear, but it isn’t necessary so this is still a great hidden camera. My kids have no idea how I know what they are doing when I am not even in the room lol, I love it!
thank you for sharing...