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Monuen Hidden Camera Alarm Clock HD 1080P Spy Camera Long Time Motion Detection Videos Recording Security Camera Nanny Cam, Black

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Hidden Camera is easy to use
1.Hidden camera alarm clock has a legit appearance, do a good disguise. It is hard to tell it's a spy camera at first glance. When he is working, there has no brightening indicator lights. You can put it on the bedroom or other place that you want.
2.Take a photo: you can press the "Photo" button to take a photo.
3.Record a video: you can press the "Video" button to record a video.
4.Record sound: you can press the "Sound" button to record sound.

Motion Detection Video Recording
When you press the "Motion Detection Video Recording" button, it will generate a video file every 3mins, if no movement is detected, the camera will go back to motion detection standby mode.

1080P HD Videos
There is an 8GB Micro SD card included, it supports 2hrs continuously 1080P HD videos recording. And this Micro SD card supports loop recording, and hidden camera supports up to 32GB Micro SD card storage in max.

Sync Recording Time with PC
When you start to record the video, you need to sync time first. When you view them on the PC, you can know the videos' time.

Warming Tips
1. Please charge it when you first use to avoid there is no power.
2. You need to sync time first when you need to record the video. And once reset, the camera will go back to factory settings. You need to sync it again.
3. No matter what, I'm always here hearing and waiting for you.

Customer Reviews

Alarm Clock Hidden Camera

 on July 29, 2017
By Rachel A. Hinds
This hidden camera alarm clock is a great way to see what is going on when you are not. There are no blinking lights to suggest it is anything but an alarm clock. I wanted to see what my pets do when I am not home and it was fun to watch. It comes with a remote control as well as rechargeable batteries. It also comes with a micro sd card as well as the sd reader. You can also just plug the camera into your computer via the USB port. IIt also has motion detection which automatically creates a video. I am very with fun new gadget.

Perfect for work

 on July 27, 2017
By robin
I purchased my new hidden camera because things were going missing from my drawers at work. I had my suspicion of who the culprit was but had no proof. My new hidden camera worked great and no one knew about it except my boss. It was so awesome for the job because it blends in perfectly with the rest of my desk. The directions are so easy to follow and it also doubles as an alarm clock. Everything was including in the box even a memory card.

5 STARS!!!

 on July 27, 2017
By Minaya
This is a really cool idea, I didn’t really need this but just thought why not. Let me tell you I am impress with the quality of the camera,it comes with a 8GB micro SD which can record a decent amount of time,it also comes in a discreet box with just the brand name so you cant really tell what it is until you actually open the box. I would definetly recommend this product for whatever project you have in mind.

Great nanny cam

 on July 25, 2017
By Amazon Customer
This is a very small camera, I don’t think anyone that doesn’t know it is a camera would realize it. It looks just like any standard alarm clock. It’s very user friendly and easy to set up. Once connected to your Wi-fi it stays connected and you don’t have to worry about anything else. You can login from your phone or tablet whenever you would like, or set it to record if there is movement. This is great for those with young children in the care of nanny or babysitter. I highly recommend.

This clock is perfect for when you need a nanny cam for babysitting

 on July 24, 2017
By Kendra Bloom
This clock is perfect for when you need a nanny cam for babysitting! It is hidden so nobone knows its there. My husband and I went to dinner and left our daughter with a babysitter. We set the camera up in the living room, and were pleasantly surprised to see that the babysitter paid full attention to her, played games, and never looked at her cell phone. This is great attribute to our home!

Alarm Clock with Hidden Camera!

 on July 23, 2017
By Big Papa
Do you have a room you want to keep a extra on – like through baby sitting or elderly care or even your animals then this is for you. I would say it is four inches across – looking at it on my hand and 2 1/2 deep – if you were to look at it it is just a normal digital clock – but it is a spy cam – comes with rechargeable battery, regular usb cord – the sd card, remote control and directions. Very nice and functional. Like I said I don’t think I would know it was a spy cam if I didn’t know it – the place where the usb cord goes to charge it is on the side in the silver part so it is discrete!

Spy camera alarm clock

 on July 17, 2017
By Abdul hafeez mohammed
– not too huge and can easily fit on a side table or dresser

Great for the office !

 on July 15, 2017
By cesavice
I was constantly having an issue with people stealing office supplies from my desk while I was not there. I purchased this hidden camera and placed it on my desk with out being suspicious. It caught the thief. The sound quality is great as is the picture. Super easy set up and being able to monitor for my phone makes us a definite plus

Perfect for any shared space

 on July 8, 2017
By Melanie & Grayson
Perfect for any shared space. Or nanny cam, good picture quality. Easy to use, I have many cameras in our home and this one checks off all the marks on quality and Dependability.
thank you for sharing...