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Lorex LW1741AC1 Wireless Add-On Camera for LW1742 (Black)

  • Review Of Lorex LW1741AC1 Wireless Camera For LW1742
    Lorex Security Cameras Collection // Best Sellers 2017
  • Review Of Lorex LW1741AC1 Wireless Camera For LW1742
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  • Review Of Lorex LW1741AC1 Wireless Camera For LW1742
    Lorex SD Pro Wireless Video Surveillance System with 7” LCD Screen and 2 Wireless Cameras
Amazon Price: $95.45 (as of March 20, 2019 6:21 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The Lorex LW1741AC1 Wireless Add-On Camera is the perfect way to expand your home monitoring system. Expand your view by adding up to four cameras to your LW1740 Series Wireless Security Surveillance System.

Customer Reviews

For my setup the range is actually really good. All of the are mounted outside on my …

 on February 23, 2016
By mike9000
Decent camera set. For my setup the range is actually really good. All of the cameras are mounted outside on my house. They work fine with a couple of walls separating them. The picture is decent too. My biggest gripe is with the motion detection. It seemed to work fairly well in the beginning but quickly began picking up nonexistent movement. This system records on motion so it is an important part of the system. If browsing the video files it would be very nice if the files actually contained video of something moving. If the motion sensing worked better it would be a five star system for the price.

Lorex does now promptly respond to even post warranty. (Revised opinion)

 on May 12, 2015
By Amazon Customer
Purchased August 20, 2014 through Amazon. System works most of the time with the exception of playing back videos on the monitor. Some play back fine, others freeze up requiring a reset. The major complaint is the support provided by Lorex. One camera started to fail in March, 2015. Opened a ticket with Lorex support. Repeated several entries in automated system without success. Finally called support on April 7, two hour or so wait for a live person to answer. Received OK to return camera for replacement. Enclosed a copy of Amazon invoice with the camera and shipped same day. No acknowledgement of receipt, but did have tracking confirmation of delivery on April 9. Finally opened new ticket on April 24 requesting that first ticket be addressed. Three days later (April 27) was posted by Lorex that, yes they had the camera and that I need to send a proof of purchase, which was emailed within the hour. No further response by Lorex to date: May 12, 2015.

Lorex 9 inch security system with remote viewing app

 on October 27, 2016
By MoonDoggy
This is an excellent price on a hard to find item. I run multiple instances of this Lorex wireless system. With multiple control centers I can pair camera’s as needed. I can add each system to my mobile app. The default password is a string of 0’s which must be changed out to a string of random numbers of your choice. Just numbers is kind of weak and would like to see a mixture of upper/lower characters as well but that is not in the app software at this time. Highly recommend you change the default passwords or you can be easily compromised. The connection from camera to control unit is a secure link. The 9 inch screen is so much better than the 7 inch version especially with monitoring 4 camera’s. The internet connection is hard wired, but if you use a WiFi extender module (another password to manage), you can move things if needed. The WiFi feed from each camera is pretty good and covers a good distance especially if you have Line-of-Sight. These camera;s only work with this system (see Lorex WiFi compatibility guide). The battery backup on the control unit is good and allows mobility, but the camera’s need individual UPS to support power failure. All in all we are very happy with the system(s).

Ok, but can’t hook up to computer, must use 32mb memory card, night vision is poor.

 on November 28, 2016
By John
Can only use 32mb memory card which fills up fast depending on your setting. Our setting is for recording per motion and it fills up after a week. Very sensitive, spider web or sun movement will cause camera to record. You can change the setting for sensitivity, but it doesn’t matter. Night vision is difficult to see in the recording. At night, you can see approximately 5-7 feet from camera. We have one set up by our garage and you can’t see at the end of the driveway. We delete our recording weekly.

Solid mid-range plug and play system!

 on December 17, 2016
By T1
We have had the Lorex system (2 cameras) up and running for about 8-9 months and am very impressed! We have the camera somewhat exposed to weather and have had no real problems at all. The pad easily stays connected to the camera from about 250-275 feet away and enables us to keep an eye on our horses from the comfort of our home office. Don’t expect this mid range system to give super clear video/audio but it will enable one to provide some extra security and long range/outside the home viewing. The LW1742 has a few shortcomings like most products but it’s a solid plug and play system that was super easy to set up, has given us no real trouble at all in cold or warm temps so again…very impressed!

The best for watching the critters

 on March 11, 2016
By Kathy M. Scogna
I love getting up in the morning and sipping a cup of coffee as I watch the animals who visited the day or night before. Coyotes, turkeys, a fox, the 3 bears who came on Thanksgiving evening, and of course the big fat raccoons, who are nicknamed Davey Crocketts. My favorites would be the does and their fawns. I love it when the fawns nurse right in front of the camera, day and or night! Easy to set up, and a good price to boot.
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Review Of Lorex LW1741AC1 Wireless Camera For LW1742