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Review of Foscam FI8918W Wireless/Wired Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with 8 Meter Night Vision and 3.6mm Lens (67° Viewing Angle)

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Changing the Foscam FI8908W, the FI8918W is that this newest digital camera from Foscam. The FI8918W is a wi-fi or wired, pan/tilt IP digital camera answer for indoor use. It combines a top quality digital video digital camera, distant pan/tilt potential with community connectivity and a strong internet server to deliver clear video to your desktop or smartphone from wherever in your native community or over the Web. The top quality video picture is transmitted with 30fps velocity on the LAN/WAN by utilizing MJPEG compression expertise. The picture resultion is 640 x 480 (300ok Pixels). The Foscam FI8918W digital camera is predicated on the TCP/IP customary. The management, administration and upkeep of the digital camera is finished just by utilizing your browser to remotely configure and improve the firmware. The Foscam FI8918W IP digital camera can attain as much as eight meters of visibility in absolute darkness with 11 infrared LED's.

Customer Reviews

You don’t have to be a tech-but….

 on November 16, 2010
By kat
If you have never interfaced with your router’s software before (and you are not brave!) then this might not be for you. It is not hard to set up. You plug in its AC adapter and plug it into your router. Follow the instructions and wow.

Method for free home monitoring

 on November 9, 2014
By D. Gage
Great for home monitoring with a few straight forward settings:

Get this as a Baby Monitor!

 on October 18, 2016
By Shortround107
I can’t say enough about Foscam cameras! After a very expensive baby monitor literally caught fire in out bed, we did a little digging and stumbled upon people using Foscams as monitors. We have one in each of our childrens room, and can monitor all the cameras from our smart phone, or other mobile devices. (Tablets, laptops, computers, etc.) I love beinh able to check on the kids while I’m at work without having to bother the sitter unnecessarily. What’s even cooler, is with out of state grand parents we were able to share the password and IP address and they have enjoyed watching the kiddos too. All the features, the full range of motion, listening, and speaking through the camera work really well.

Foscam – MUST Read My Review

 on May 31, 2014
By Caribbean Girlie
I love, love, love these camera’s I started with 2 and now have 4. First, the software worked with my MacBook (limited) and my Sony laptop (more detailed, it allowed me to add other camera’s, etc.), so it works on both my laptops, PC & Mac OS. Second, buy the Foscam app for your iPhone and iPad, it is worth the $5.99 & $6.99. Now, MOST important, in order to view your home while you are out, you must go into “Device Managemant” click on Upnp and click that box, it will give you a web address which is also located on the bottom of the Foscam camera, then you can view your home from anywhere using the Foscam app or you can sign into your camera’s web address and view it via Foscam’s website and if you add all the devices you can see them through one address. This is free for 3 years and after that it is $8 per month for up too 4 camera’s, so that is a great deal. When adding more camera’s you must asign a different port, I kept them in order, port 80, 81, etc. In order to make your camera wireless you must sign into the camera and go to wireless, scan and it will pull up networks, choose your network and sign in, I have shared since all my electronics are on a shared secured website. Yes I did call tech support for the little feature of just clicking the Upnp to be able to view my home form outside my house. This should have been noted in the instructions and when I emailed them, it was not answered accordingly, it got too technical and when I called it was simple. So save yourself the headache and follow what I posted, even though tech support was great and quick, it was another country and it made it hard for me to understand him and I allowed him to sign into my Sony laptop and watch him do 1 camera and I did the rest. On the app, you must fill in your address under the “remote address” field, this starts with dg and again is on the website or on bottom of the camera in order to view outside your home. The local address, click on the search and it will pull up your home network, and then just click on the camera you are adding and then fill in manually the remote address below that area.

Great bang for the buck

 on January 30, 2013
I’ve had five of these cameras for nearly two years. They’re used for security to monitor my home particularly when I’m away. Two are located outside where they are subjected to extremes of temperature but are shielded from rain through judicious placement. All perform flawlessly. People who have purchased these or their newer cousins either love them or hate them. While a few folks certainly may have received a defective unit that warrants a poor review, I suspect that the majority of people who have offered one or two star reviews are either not technically savvy or unrealistic in their expectations. Admittedly, the “Chinglish” in the installation guide is tiresome and perhaps a bit vague. Some people just need more hand holding than others. To those who complain about poor resolution, color rendition, frame rate, or audio quality, what do you expect from a camera that retails for under $90? If your requirement is to read license plates from a half mile away, I’ll be happy to steer you to a $3000 megapixel camera. The simple fact of the matter is that these cameras offer tremendous bang for the buck. If you know what you’re doing, they’re very easy to set up. No, I’m not a Foscam shill. I’m a machine vision / automation engineer. For those who are less technically inclined, I’ve included a step by step guide in outline form at the end of this review. The guide is slanted a bit to Mac users because I prefer Macs to PCs. However, I live in both worlds. Hopefully, Amazon’s primitive comment section doesn’t make the outline’s format hard to follow and this helps those who are having trouble.

Good Product, Poor Customer Service

 on July 6, 2016
By Anne C
I love the Foscam! I can watch baby sleep without entering the room, and then can enter when he is awake. I have this wall-mounted so it makes it easy to see baby whether he is in the crib or swing. However, setting this up took HOURS!! It was a nightmare! The instructions were so poor. I called customer service and they were not helpful. The customer service rep just wanted to get off the phone as soon as possible. He would only answer one question and wouldn’t go through the set-up process with me. It was very frustrating setting this up. The whole IP address and Wi-Fi connection piece was very confusing and I am very tech-savvy. I wish Foscam had better customer service. The product is good, I’ve been using it for 6 months now. However, if something goes wrong or it stops working, I’m not sure that the Foscam people will help me.
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Review Of Foscam FI8918W Wireless IP Network Camera