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Camera Demo: Hikvision DS-2CD2642FWD-IS 4MP Bullet Camera

hi, I'm Kieran from use-IP and in this videowe'll be showing some sample footage captured from a DS-2CD2642FWD-IS 4MP varifocal bulletcamera from Hikvision, we'll show you some day & night captures from a few differentfocal length settings to get an idea of what to expect from the camera.

The 2642 is a varifocal bullet camera meaningthat the viewing angle is adjustable, it is one of the only two varifocal models availablein popular 4MP R6 Series from Hikvision so if varifocal is a requirement for your install then you'llwant investigate either this model or the 2742 varifocal dome instead this camera has a focal length range of 2.

8mmto 12mm and so will be able to manually adjust the viewing angle from between approximately110 degrees down to 30 degrees, as you can see we recorded this camera with 3 differentsettings, the narrow clips are configured to the cameras longest focal length of 12mm,the wide clips were set to the shortest of 2.

8mm and lastly the middle clips were configuredsomewhere between to a approximate 6mm.

The cameras installation position was leftthe same in each clip as were the image and video settings used which are covered in moredetail in the description below.

This camera does not feature Hikvision's EXIRLED's the integrated IR is formed of a more typical ring of LED's around the lens, assuch IR coverage is not quite as even across the entire scene as you would expect to seefrom an equivalent EXIR model such as the DS-2CD2432WD-I Turret camera, however in ourscene this is only really a apparent when the camera was configured to its widest viewingangle.

These night scenes were shot using the camerasintegrated Infrared LED's and also captured again with a supplemental 10W LED floodlightinstalled, as a point of reference the the bench in the scene is approximately 8 to 10mfrom the cameras position and the scene itself is very dark with no notable ambient lightingexcluding the flood light when ever it was active of course.

The standard FWD-I & IS models of this camerado not have a motorised zoom lens and so the focal length would have to be remotely configuredphysically at the camera whenever you want to change it, the FWD-IZ & IZS versions ofthis camera however do have a motorised zoom lens allowing you to adjust this remotelyvia web browser, software or mobile app, all of which have been produced for free by Hikvision.

The 2642 has been a very popular varifocaloption owed mostly due to its cost effectiveness and excellent 4MP recording during the dayin particular as you can see from our sample footage in this video.

As alway thanks for watching and feel freeto check out this camera on our web-shop or check out our youtube channel and social mediapages for more camera videos similar to this one.

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