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Amcrest UltraHD 2K (3MP/2304TVL) WiFi Video Security IP Camera with Pan/Tilt, Dual Band 5ghz/2.4ghz, Two-Way Audio, 3-Megapixel @ 20FPS, Wide 90° Viewing Angle and Night Vision IP3M-941B (Black)

  • Review Of Amcrest UltraHD 2K WiFi Video Security IP Camera
    Amcrest UltraHD 2K 3MP2304TVL WiFi Video Security IP Camera with PanTilt (White)
  • Review Of Amcrest UltraHD 2K WiFi Video Security IP Camera
    2-Pack Amcrest UltraHD 2K (3MP/2304TVL) WiFi Video Security IP Camera with Pan/Tilt, Dual Band
  • Review Of Amcrest UltraHD 2K WiFi Video Security IP Camera
    Amcrest UltraHD 2K 3MP-2304TVL WiFi Video Security IP Camera with Pan-Tilt. Dual Band 5ghz-2.4ghz.
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The Amcrest UltraHD 2K/3-Megapixel Pan/Tilt Dual-Band Wi-Fi video camera helps you stay in touch with what you love anytime, anywhere, and in extremely high resolution. With its quick mobile setup process, you will have secure access to your camera's video stream in no time. Stream live and playback recorded video of your home, your kids, your pets, or your business on the go with the Amcrest View app. Amcrest Cloud offers optional cloud recording with free live viewing and 4 hours of free video storage (rolling last 4 hours) accessible from any device including Apple Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad or Android devices. Amcrest cameras also record to an internal MicroSD card (not included), upload to an FTP as well as record to any Amcrest (or ONVIF compliant) Network Video Recorder (NVR) (not included). Amcrest cameras are also compatible with leading third-party surveillance iOS/Android apps, PC/MAC software providers and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and including TinyCam, LiveCams Pro, Blue Iris, iSpy, Zoneminder, Synology, QNAP and more. Each Amcrest UltraHD 2K/3MP Pan/Tilt camera features two-way talk, night vision, dual-band 2.4ghz/5ghz WiFi, pan/tilt and enhanced digital zoom, a 90º viewing angle, smart motion alerts, email alerts and snapshots, advanced recording options, secure SSL/HTTPS connection and wireless AES WPA2 encryption. With the Amcrest UltraHD, you'll never be out of the loop again. Amcrest cameras are compatible together with Foscam cameras only when using AmcrestCloud, Amcrest NVRs, Blue Iris for Windows PC, Live Cams Pro for iOS and TinyCam Monitor for Android. Amcrest UltraHD 2K (3MP / 2304TVL) WiFi Security IP Camera IP3M-941: Ambarella Chipset / Quick Setup / Super-Wide 90° FOV / Remote Web Access from Smartphone or Tablet / Storage to MicroSD, NVR, or Amcrest Cloud / Dual-Band 2.4ghz & 5ghz WiFi / Pan & Tilt / Intelligent Digital Zoom / Night Vision Up to 32ft / Two-Way Talk / Smart Motion Alerts

Customer Reviews

Great Video Quality! Easy to use iPhone app. Worth the money.

 on June 14, 2017
By djhansensr
Great quality video, even when using wireless setup. iPhone app works well. The built in speaker is not that loud at all. It does have an external audio jack, so I connected a pair of old computer speakers to it, and the sound is great. I use this to monitor my dog, listen in, and talk to her remotely with the app. Hasn’t failed yet. Haven’t had to restart it.

This is the best camera I have tried for monitoring my 97-year-old mother during the night

 on July 26, 2017
By Judy L.
For my purposes, this camera is wonderful. I have this camera in my 97 year-old mother’s bedroom so that I can monitor her after she goes to bed. I was using a 720P single band camera for this purpose, but decided to upgrade to this one for the dual band and a better picture. I had no problem at all getting it set up using WIFI. This took all of about 5 minutes. The only problem that I had was positioning it so that I could get a good view of my mother’s bed without other furniture blocking the view. I decided to put it on top of a high bookcase, but the camera would not point down enough. It can pan up and even go all the way to the back, but it would point only straight forward and not down.

Excellent baby monitor!!!

 on August 16, 2017
By D. Goldshteyn
After soooo much research for a proper baby camera, I was guided to look into the security sector for something really suitable. Thanks to watching many blogs and reading tech articles, this camera stood out to my husband’s and my needs. We wanted to be able to access this camera through wifi, from anywhere in the world, have great night-vision, and be able to hear and talk to our baby if needed. This camera has it all! First of all, the image is great and the connection for us/the smooth live feed is just perfect. It is basically in “real-time.” Please don’t blame the camera is the wifi or connection is not so good where you are. We have a relatively strong wifi signal and have had no complaints. At times, it did stagger, like during a thunderstorm here, but otherwise, it has been very smooth in STANDARD mode. HD mode does lag for us. But we found the quality in standard to already be very sufficient!

I have thirteen Amcrest Cameras

 on June 16, 2017
By AL Hedenstrom
I now have thirteen Amcrest Cameras around and in my house. I don’t recall the exact number, but there is a burglary every few minutes in the United States. This doesn’t include the people who roam around at night breaking into cars and looking for open doors. Then there are the guys who will follow your wife home from the grocery store and grab their purse as they exit their vehicle in your garage. If your wife is elderly, and gets pushed down, a fractured hip is possible. I found that if you “sign up” on Amcrest’s web page, for notifications, they have a sale almost every week. This can lead you to having thirteen cameras ! You’ll need an SD card, wifi, and either a smart phone or a computer, for the Camera. They record motion on the SD card. Being new at this, I had set up problems. Amercrest has a help line that can fix anything you mess up. Attached is a “screen shot” off my phone of four cameras. You can watch them “live” anytime you want. I’m not sure how that photo will turn out.

An all-around good camera for security with a few notable exceptions

 on October 29, 2017
By Dean Flaming
So, as the title suggest, these are good cameras but there are a few things which can be a detractor for some…but I will go ahead and give these cameras a 5-Star rating. Think of it as grading on a curve though as I have tested a large number of cameras and NVR systems.

It is easy to set up and it has some advanced features …

 on August 7, 2017
This camera is just what I was looking for. It is easy to set up and it has some advanced features which are really not advertised well. I bought the camera hoping it had ONVIF which was not listed as a feature anywhere expect on the box. I was able to connect the camera to my DVR and record, but only video. In order to listen to the audio from the camera or use the mic, I have to use the app for the camera, which is fine by me. The picture comes in very clear even when connecting over the internet. The audio usually lags or does not come through. I have attempted to get my kids attention by talking through it and the audio has only come through about half of the time.

like a wide angle

 on January 15, 2018
By gk
This cam works ok. The 90 degree field of view lens distorts the perspective, seems less than normal focal, like a wide angle. The operation literature is lacking. Sets up quickly for android cell phone app, but setting up the free cloud storage, and setting up an online account is time consuming and doesn’t work well, haven’t had success yet after a week of emails and chats. The warranty is not specified in the written literature, have to log on to an online account that I have yet to successfully be allowed to do. Requires 3 separate user names and 3 passwords for cam, online account, cloud storage. Could be a great product with a little more support.
thank you for sharing...

Review Of Amcrest UltraHD 2K WiFi Video Security IP Camera