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Amcrest Full-HD 1080P 8CH Video Security System w/ Eight 2.0MP (1920TVL) Outdoor IP67 Bullet Cameras, 66ft Night Vision, 2TB HDD, Eco (AMDV10818-8B-B)

Amazon Price: $349.99 $349.99 (as of March 22, 2019 11:42 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

8-Channel Eco-HD 1080p Video Security Camera System with Pre-Installed 1TB HDD / 8 x 1080p (1920TVL) 2.0MP Cameras / Easy Smartphone (iOS/Android) & Web-browser Access (MAC & PC) / VGA & HDMI Output / Backup to External Storage via USB

This Amcrest security camera system utilizes closed-circuit HD Over Analog (HDCVI) video transmission technology. With real-time and highly reliable HD video that transmits without loss or delay at ultra-long wireless range, HDCVI provides a highly secure closed network as well as a painless and non-complex plug-and-play setup process. Our Eco-HD system is a new cornerstone in the consumer market for private security technologies as we bring our customers high quality surveillance systems at a more affordable price point. All Amcrest Security Systems are CE and FCC compliant with UL complicant power supplies. All systems come with come with a 1 Year Domestic Warranty plus Lifetime Support directly from Amcrest.


– High Video Quality: Record & Playback with 1920 x 1080p (1920tvl) @ 15fps on 8-Channels
– Video Quality Options: Backwards Compatibility with 960H Analog for Recording and Playback with 960H @ 30fps on 8-Channels
– 3.6mm lens with 1/2.7 inch CMOS image sensors
– Record in Widescreen, Remote Viewing on iOS and Android w/ Amcrest View app
– DVR Functions as a Single Control Hub for all Cameras
– HDCVI Uncompressed Signal Transmission Eliminates Latency
– Pre-Installed 1TB HD for 15 Days of Continuous Recording at Highest Resolution
– IP67 Heavy-Duty Metal Weatherproof Cameras w/ IR-LED Night Vision up to 65ft
– Long Distance Transmit Range (up to 984ft) of HD 1080p Live Video
– Single Coax Cable Transmits Video, Audio and Controls
– USB Backup Feature for Peace of Mind

Customer Reviews

Exceeds expectations!

 on June 24, 2016
**UPDATE** Has been in use for well over a year now and ZERO issues. Had some kids breaking into cars one night in our neighborhood and it was pretty easy to download the video for the exact times and only the specific cameras that had them in the act and put that on a flash drive for the police. Unit does write to a flash drive very slowly (USB 1.0), but does the job. Unit reboots itself at a set time every day and I think that helps keep it glitch free. Never had any kind of errors, blue screens, etc. It still ‘just works’. Manages clearing out oldest files to make room for the new, maintains correct time and date settings even though we had some brief power outages, all 4 cameras still work well, 3 of them mounted on outside of house in the weather. One is facing south in full NC sun. No eaves or overhangs shield these from any weather and they are holding up great. Also to note, I keep the DVR on top shelf inside 24 gun safe so very limited airflow and enclosed space. It keeps the temp inside a good 20° above room temp. I was worried about the heat, but figured if someone could just walk off with the DVR that would be worse. Unit has not complained one bit from being in that hot environment.

Takes time to install but LOVE the results, well worth the effort.

 on February 26, 2017
I’ve only had the unit for a couple days so I am only writing about the install at this point although they are all installed and working great. So the great thing is that when I opened the box it was very well packaged and complete. The nice thing was that it came with four 60 foot cords and four 100 foot cords which is awesome. Most of the other guys give you 60 feet and have you buy adapters or longer cords. The install went really well as I have an awesome wife who did the attic work while I drilled the external holes. Some people said 5/8″ holes but do yourself right and go 3/4″ holes, most will be hidden anyway under the bracket so why fight it. Use silicone calk after your done if one is exposed. The reason I say this is because sometimes you need to push a long small diameter rod into the hole and have your assistant tape the connector to the rod and you pull it back through the hole to hook up the camera and then pull the wire back into the attic. Also you make sure you use black electrical tape on the power plugs to make them stay plugged together as a safety feature. Just a precaution as you never know when you might go into the attic and trip on a cord then find out the camera is not working because it pulled the power plug loose. Yes Amcrest you should have a locking feature on your power plugs. OK, install done and all cameras on. Now the supposed hard part, viewing on your smart phone or home network computer. All I can say is do not install there CD. I’ve heard bad things about crashing computers etc. So first thing I did was turn on the monitor and it took me through the DVR setup which was quite easy. The hardest thing was setting the time because you have to add or subtract Greenwich Mean time to set the clock right. There’s a drop down list so it’s a matter of trial and error. Setup your password etc. So after the setup there’s is a square bar code that comes up. Leave it there for now. Then I download the smart phone app from google play. Amcrest view Pro. After install and opening it ask to add a device, hit the add button or plus sign +, It will then ask if you want to add a WiFi camera or PoE camera or a DVR. Press DVR then it will ask P2P Setup or IP/Domain/DDNS. OK here’s the easy part, get close to your monitor just hit P2P setup. Your phone will go to camera mode with a little window for that square bar code that is on the screen of your monitor, just line it up and it will click and your all set. Just hit live view and it will ask for your user name and password that you just put in the DVR setup. Done. I did not get the cameras to come up right away so I was thinking I did something wrong. So I closed the app and started reading again and realized I did it right. So I turned on the app again and logged and everything was there, all the cameras came up. So if your like me and a million other guys that build and read directions later don’t do it. Just chill out and read the directions in the booklet and everything will work. I’m using a HTC 10 just so you know. I also setup a old Samsung Galaxy 10 tablet the same way. I just went to the menu later and pulled up that little square barcode downloaded the Pro app for tablets and scanned the bar code again. Worked like a charm on that too. So as far as the install and seeing the cameras over the internet all is good. I install the LAN setup on my Mac using the booklets instructions and again no issues. So read the booklet.

Awesome product!

 on June 22, 2016
By Melaronius
Picture is great. Setup is easy. No complaints as of yet. Attached a screenshot from the mobile app but it doesn’t do the actual quality much justice.

Really Nice System

 on June 19, 2016
By Mike Withers
I normally do not write reviews, but I learned alot when looking a budget “home owners” Security Camera System, AND I figured I would contribute to all the other great reviews I read helping me decide which system to purchase. A couple points to make, I narrowed it down to 2 choices, The Amcrest, and the Lorex. Both offered a comparable system for around $350 – $400 and have seen the Lorex system in person and was impressed. I almost bought the Lorex system because as it was an 8 channel system for the same price. (The Amcrest was is only 4, always thinking of future expansion) Both systems are 1080p HD, However, the Lorex system only supplies 720p resolution cameras, the Amcrest are 2.0MP (1920 x 1080). 720p cameras are cheaper (hence why the can offer and 8 channel DVR) I wanted at-least HD quality for zooming. Now we can debate weather power over Ethernet is better than coax….but as I stated before, $350 – $400 is the price range I wanted to be, and PoE added a considerable cost. Lets face it, Your cable TV feed is coax and has no problem with HD broadcast! The coax cables supplied with this system are really good quality, the termination ends are ok (don’t take my opinion on the ends, I make my own cables and not a fan of pre-made cables) the cables are complete with video and power, so you will be running only one cable per camera. Not having any experience with camera systems, I assumed video and power were separate runs? Keep in mind, you will have to drill a 5/8″ hole to feed the BNC connector into you house, a little silicone…DONE as I have siding and peeled the bottom layer back to achieve penetration.

Very good day image from cameras

 on August 16, 2016
By Charles
Well packaged. Easy setup. Very clear daylight picture, good color, fish bowl effect, more distorted the further from the camera. Image output via DIV or standard old analog. I bought separate 24″ monitor using analog input. Can have image from all 4 cameras or image from any one camera. At 500-600 feet, cars barely distinguishable but people too small to notice. Auto switch over to B/W in evening. Evening view vastly restricted (with no external lighting) but still fairly good at 20-30 feet. There is no sound from cameras. One terabit hard drive for saving images. Auto overwrite. I have not looked at any saved images. There appears to be one plugin for PTZ (pan,tilt zoom) camera, but I haven’t used. I am a novice to security systems, but this one seems very good.

Pretty good system

 on July 18, 2016
By Ry
Had for about a week now..pretty sweet camera system. Overall the DVR system runs good and the cameras have wide viewing and decent picture (especially during the day). The mobile app runs well enough, can acess all cameras and DVR on the go so that’s a plus also. The DVR can set motion alerts on designateed areas which I like also. Example: I can paint little blocks on the screen to show what areas I want to detect movement. So on my street I only block in my sidewalk and everything up towarda my home ..I exclude and trees and shrubbery that may set off the alarm. (I have the systemjust send me a email which also sends a photo attachment of the movement).. slot of the time it’s false alarms but it think that’s because I haven’t got the settings down right yet.

I would highly recommend this security system to friends and family

 on June 20, 2016
By J.Mitchell
I called in today since i was having issues with my system rebooting every 1 minute. Tech support Derek assisted me on fixing my issue at a timely manner. He was very patient and polite. I would highly recommend this security system to friends and family. Thank you..

The system was very easy and straight foreward to wire up

 on March 2, 2017
By paul
This review Is for the Eco 1080 4 camera system. The system was very easy and straight foreward to wire up. The cameras seem to be well made and have a fantastic picture in my opinion for the money. The night vision is also excellent. I’ve had no issues setting up the DVR unlike some of the other reviews I’ve read. I was fairly impressed with the ease of use of the software. It was also very easy to link my smartphone to my camera’s with the amcrest app by scanning the SN on the bottom of the DVR. I have posted 2 pictures, one of the display from my TV and one as displayed from the app. The app could be refined a bit but overall it gets the job done. I’d recommend this system to anyone looking for a solid system in this price range, I was very impressed with what I got for $300.

Three Stars

 on June 14, 2017
By Rob
Good quality view…still trying to figure out how to download the videos and images

I would definitely buy again.

 on October 31, 2016
By Customer
I will give it five stars, but it is not perfect. Overall though I am very pleased.
thank you for sharing...

Review Of Amcrest Full HD 1080P 8CH Video Security System